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A 3 month accelerator and matchmaking program for young at heart companies.

For regions, innovation organizations and corporations, who need an accelerator program

No need to build your own accelerator!

Partner with us and get started right away. You can buy access to our program on behalf of your teams, everything included. You can also  build your own branded program with our help as a turnkey service.

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For young at heart companies

We welcome ambitious growth-oriented teams. You can be a startagain looking for a new direction, business models and customers, or a growth-stage startup that is scaling your business.

In case you are interested to join an upcoming program, leave a message and we will be in touch when they launch.

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Program is all about matchmaking teams with the right communities, mentors, peers and resources.

Benefits and perks

Program runs for 3 months. It consists of online kickoff, mentoring and workshop sessions, fireside chats, a demo day, as well as tailored matchmaking activities for each participant.


Program is tailored to bring you together with customers, partners, talent and/or funding.

Mentoring & peer-learning

Access to mentors and coaches. Fireside chats with other entrepreneurs for peer-support. 1-on-1 "Solving my problem" sessions.

High-trust community

Work closely with Crazy Town family of 250 businesses - customers, project opportunities, partners and talent acquisition.

Trainings and hackathons

Curated access to online / offline events according to your own need.


Targeted investor meetings and funding workshops.

High-trust global connections 

We put you in touch with trusted ecosystem players in Estonia, Vietnam, India, Ireland, China, Japan, Silicon Valley, France, The Netherlands Thailand, Germany, Sweden and Helsinki - just to name a few locations.

What kind of team we are looking for?

Our mentors and partners can especially help teams working with digitalization, smart city, proptech, ecommerce, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, fintech, proptech, games, XR and new learning solutions.

You don't need to be a growth-stage startup to apply - also startagains are welcome!

  • Ambitious learning-oriented entrepreneur / team with intention to scale

  • You have a functional prototype, some customers / traction ready or previous experience in business creation

  • You benefit from matchmaking with talent, partners, customers and/or funding

  • You are willing to learn together with peers and share experiences

Why are we doing this for young at heart companies?

Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs throughout Finland, we noticed that one thing was often missing from the picture - support for growth-oriented startagains and teams. 

In 2016, when we took Crazy Town on a new direction with new ownership and business plan - a 13 year old company at that point - we were denied entry for several activities simply due to age our business ID. A typical program was aimed for early-stage startups or students.

Kasvu Open was an exception to the rule for also letting "start agains" to participate and we have them to thank for our current situation - being awarded one of the fastest growth companies in Finland by Kauppalehti in 2021, among many other things.

We hope that with Finest Love from Crazy Town, we can enable more opportunities for companies that are young at heart.



Startup investment fund and ecosystem builder. Partners include business angels and mentors Kustaa Valtonen & Peter Vesterbacka.


Community for work and learning. We help entrepreneurs and teams to grow together. First cohort of Finest Love from Crazy Town was piloted as part of ESF-funded Kuopio Growth Entrepreneurship project. This experience encouraged us to open the activity next time for all interested regions and networks.

Mentors, coaches and experts

These are some of the fine folk we have onboard helping you. They will be available for mentoring your business and team, or delivering keynotes and workshops.

Crazy Town Finest Love accelerator Mikko Markkanen

Crazy Town Finest Love accelerator mentor Kustaa Valtonen

Crazy Town Finest Love accelerator mentor Tommi Pajala


Crazy Town Finest Love accelerator mentor Silja Rehunen

Crazy Town Finest Love accelerator mentor Arno Meerman

Crazy Town Finest Love accelerator mentor Juha Ritvala


Crazy Town Finest Love accelerator mentor Paul Kallmes

Crazy Town Finest Love accelerator mentor Jenna Kankaanpää

Crazy Town Finest Love accelerator mentor Marko Seppä

Crazy Town Finest Love accelerator mentor Kati Fager





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First batch of Finest Love from Crazy Town was organized as part of "Kuopio Growth Entrepreneurship Community" project, made possible with support from European Social Fund.