”Mentoring discussions with the teams was exciting, instructive and invigorating. I learned a lot!” – one of the organizers

CLIENT: Smash Mill Oy & Lahti Sports Hub / Ladec


As the European Green Capital and the hub of Finnish sports expertise, the City of Lahti is uniquely positioned to leverage the global megatrend of sustainability in sports. This trend is one that event organizers, sports clubs, and organizations worldwide cannot ignore.

Recognizing this, SMASH and Lahti Sports Hub, leading sports business developers in the Lahti region, sought to unite innovative teams from around the world. Their goal was to foster the creation of solutions that champion sustainability in sports.

To realize this vision, Crazy Town was chosen to produce and facilitate an online hackathon. This innovation event amalgamates real-life challenges, diverse teams, and valuable resources to drive sustainable solutions forward.


  • January – February 2021: Event groundwork was laid with the organizers, focusing on two primary sports sustainability challenges.
  • February – March 2021: Startup and student teams from 12 countries (Finland, Japan, China, and the Philippines) were invited to contribute ideas on enhancing sustainability in sports, considering both environmental and societal aspects. Collaboratively with the organizers, mentors were brought on board and briefed to guide these teams.
  • April 2021: 48-hour online hackathon started with challenge briefings. First stage focused on “loving the problem, not the solution” – aiding teams in grasping the challenges at hand. This progressed to supporting them in crafting their solutions, transitioning into pitch training. The culmination saw teams presenting their solutions to the challenge-owners and a jury panel.
  • April 2021 onwards: Post-event, the organizers facilitated interactions between the high-achieving teams and international sports decision-makers.


  • The Global Sustainable Sports hackathon effectively showcased the potential of collaborative problem-solving.
  • Participating teams forged meaningful connections and networks.
  • Lahti’s position as a leading sustainable sports for innovation was bolstered both nationally and internationally.
  • Furthermore, the hackathon played a significant role in raising the profile of Lahti Sports Hub and SMASH

For more information about innovation events and hackathons provided by Crazy Town: mikko.korpela@crazytown.fi, +358 103 417 054