Growth services

Crazy Town offers growth services that help individuals, companies, and communities create new things together. We are on a quest to create more well-being in Finland, and at the same time, strengthen our own community.

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Growth services

Accelerators and training programs that support companies' growth.
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Building communities

Use Crazy Town’s 20-year experience in building communities and educating community professionals.
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Ecosystems and vitality

Bring people together to create something new! We produce different idea competitions, hackathons, and workshops.
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Renew Your Company with Peer, Network and Community Support

Accelerate the renewal of your own company with the help of peers, networks, and the community.

In our programs, learning is done through practice. All the work done during the training will develop you and your company. Find funding, experts, sparring partners, and collaborators – we’ll connect you to highly trusted partners from Finland and the world.

Open learning programs

The world needs community professionals!

A well-managed and maintained community grows, learns and thrives together. In a successful community trust flourishes and new ideas are easily born. We learn by experimenting, finding inspiration in others, and sharing knowledge. However, such community rarely arises by itself. A community leader is the gardener of a flourishing community.

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Bring people together to create something new

We are often asked to help connect and bring people together with the goal of creating something new together. Our typical customers are ecosystem gardeners such as regional developers, project workers, networks, communities, and universities. We design, produce, and facilitate a wide range of projects, needs, and wants. It can be a single workshop or a multi-year project.

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