How to build a pitch? – 5.2.2021 (online)

Toni PienonenCT Kuopio, In English, Tapahtuma, Webinaari

How to build a pitch that matters? A good pitch is important foundation for selling your idea to customers, investors or partners. It helps you to focus and keep things simple.

In this online event you learn:

  • What are different pitch types?
  • How to structure your pitch?
  • Checklist of things what to remember and what not to do?
  • Examples and templates of how to build a pitch deck

You can use learnings from this event when making sales materials, marketing or any future negotiations and meetings.

When and where?

5.2.2021, 09.00 – 10.00, online in Zoom

For participants of Finest Love from Crazy Town program, we have 1-on-1 sessions after the event

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Event is organized as part of ”Kuopio Growth Entrepreneurship Community” project, made possible with support from European Social Fund.

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