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Flexible workspaces across Finland and help for growth with one monthly membership. Our service suits companies of all sizes from freelancers to startups and NASDAQ-listed corporations.
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Growth Services

We help talent, companies and ecosystems to grow and collaborate. Our tools include bespoke consultancy services, hackathons and training programs.


Our high-trust community of 400+ members includes growth-oriented companies, business angels and ecosystem players. 85% of our members collaborate together.

85% of our members collaborate and help each other

Different, but better

Crazy Town offers a versatile workplace  for businesses and teams with one membership fee. Whether you are looking for flexible workspace, collaboration opportunities, or support for growth, you are welcome to join us – regardless of your company’s industry, size, or age.

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We offer workplace and community as service. It works bit like Netflix or a gym membership - everything is available with one monthly fee. You only pay according to how many people you have using our community.
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Crazy Town introduction and five tips for utilizing the service

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Member testimonials

Ville Viljanmaa, Ville Viljanmaa
We have gained good friends and new customers as well as worry-free solutions for our space needs.

Ville Viljanmaa

Flashnode Oy
Anne H, Anne Hämäläinen
Being a part of Crazy Town has expanded my network and opened up collaboration opportunities. For my business, it's an additional location and enables me to meet with clients in Jyväskylä. The mobile membership works excellent for me as a mobile entrepreneur. I have also utilized Crazy Town in Tampere. Although I am a solo entrepreneur, I am not alone.

Anne Hämäläinen

Janne Mönkkönen, Janne Mönkkönen
For representatives of small businesses, here you can find colleagues and a work community, even outside your own company. You can network and discuss with people as much as you want and have time for. Networking is beneficial in everyday encounters.

Janne Mönkkönen

Agmen Oy
Learn together, go further

Develop yourself in a professional community.

Continuous learning, combining expertise, and collaboration skills are prerequisites for the success of every individual, company, and region. Professional communities are places where this can be achieved.

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No one succeeds alone.

My journey would have ended long ago without networks. I joined Hämeenlinna’s Crazy Town a few years ago, where I met a coder and a marketing expert. They both operate through their own companies.

Atte Salminen

The value of networks is understood in Jyväskylä.

I have experienced that in Jyväskylä, people are positive and open-minded towards meeting new people and making contacts. The majority of the companies I have reached out to have been open to collaboration and setting up a meeting has been easy. Crazy Town is a pleasant working environment where your own office space can scale with the growth of your business.

Hanna Puura
Arctic HR

Crazy Town enables a small startup entrepreneur to achieve a lot!

I have participated in several trainings organized by Crazy Town, developed my own business in them, and made commercial partnerships with other participants and members of Crazy Town.

Tommi Dahlroos
Knobbi Oy

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