Where ordinary people do extraordinary things

Crazy Town is the largest and oldest community-driven workspace in Finland for companies of all sizes. One membership offers you shared and private offices, growth services and a high-trust community.

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Flexible workspaces from coworking to private offices with one membership! We’re a great fit for companies of all sizes from solopreneurs to startups, scaleups and corporations.
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From weekly networking events to learning programs for individuals, companies and communities. Grow your skills while expanding your network and social capital.
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Services and innovation consultancy for high-growth companies, innovation actors and ecosystems to co-create and fulfill their potential. We build entrepreneurial mindset and get things done. We work across clients in Finland and Europe.
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Coworking, private offices and event spaces across Finland


Crazy Town offers a versatile workplaces for businesses and teams with one monthly membership fee. Whether you are looking for flexible workspace, collaboration opportunities, or support for growth, you are welcome to join us – regardless of your company’s industry, size or age.

We offer workplace and community as service

Our offering works bit like Netflix or a gym membership - everything is available with one monthly fee. You only pay according to how many people you have using our community.
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Member testimonials

Ville Viljanmaa, Ville Viljanmaa
We have gained good friends and new customers as well as worry-free solutions for our space needs.

Ville Viljanmaa

Flashnode Oy
Anne H, Anne Hämäläinen
Being a part of Crazy Town has expanded my network and opened up collaboration opportunities. For my business, it's an additional location and enables me to meet with clients in Jyväskylä. The mobile membership works excellent for me as a mobile entrepreneur. I have also utilized Crazy Town in Tampere. Although I am a solo entrepreneur, I am not alone.

Anne Hämäläinen

Janne Mönkkönen, Janne Mönkkönen
For representatives of small businesses, here you can find colleagues and a work community, even outside your own company. You can network and discuss with people as much as you want and have time for. Networking is beneficial in everyday encounters.

Janne Mönkkönen

Agmen Oy
Where ordinary people do extraordinary things

Develop yourself in a professional community.

Continuous learning, combining expertise, and collaboration skills are prerequisites for the success of every individual, company, and region. Professional communities are places where this can be achieved. Crazy Town was founded 20 years ago by young entrepeneurs that wanted to learn and develop their companies together. We’re a professional commnity, where our members share their knowledge, success and also do business together. In Crazy Town you won’t pay for extra costs – everything is in one invoice per month.

Crazy Town is different, but better.

  • Strengthen your skills and grow your business
  • Our community makes you thrives – networks and happiness in work
  • Use all of our locations in Finland 

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