While the startup community of Tampere prepares for the opening of the startup house Platform 6, community players Tribe Tampere, Tampere Entrepreneurship Society and Crazy Town cooperate on autumn events and activities.

We hope to increase matchmaking across our respective communities early-stage teams and more established companies. Crazy Town is also opening opportunities, such as WhiteSpaceX for our local community partners.

All this cooperation will of course carry over to Platform 6 that we want to help succeed.

Upcoming events hosted by Tribe Tampere & Tampere ES at Crazy Town Tampere

Monday 17.8 afterwork at Crazy Town Tampere 17:30 with special guest Peter Vesterbacka on ”Ambitious Africa and Nordic Entrepreneurship”!

Come and meet our special guest Peter Vesterbacka with his speech about “Ambitious Africa and Nordic Entrepreneurship”. You will also hear the latest updates about development of local entrepreneurship ecosystem from Business Tampere representative, Tommi Uitti and other active members of community. It is an open event, but due to restrictions, we kindly ask you to register, so we can make sure of safe environment.

Community Brunch every two weeks on Wednesdays at 9:30 – 12.00. Upcoming Brunches on 26.8., 9.9. , 23.9. etc.

Community Afterwork every two weeks on Thursdays at 17:30 – 21.00. Upcoming afterworks will be on 20.8, 3.9., 17.9., etc.

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Tampere ES
Ilia Fedorov

Tribe Tampere
Juho Mäkinen

Crazy Town Tampere
Nuppu Laaksonen