Delivering personal and economic growth through the strongest coworking community in Northern Europe.

Connecting talent, businesses and ecosystems

Crazy Town offers any kind of company or region an environment where to collaborate and learn together.

Academy: Upskilling talent and entrepreneurs

Our workspaces bring together thousands of talents, who want to develop their skills with the help of peers and learning by doing.

To speed things up, we also deliver annually +200 events and 5-7 training programs on future-relevant themes such as:

  • digitalization
  • growth entrepreneurship
  • startup-industry collaboration
  • community-building
  • university-business-cooperation

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Cocreation and consulting: Building communities and innovation activities

We work with clients such as innovation organizations, universities and industry companies, who want to boost co-creation, build their own community or connect with ours.

Our inhouse team has +20 years of experience of delivering hackathons, idea campaigns and similar innovation activities - online or face-to-face.

We also organize European projects together with our international partners on topics such as university-business-cooperation and entrepreneurship.

Ask more from Mikko Korpela, +358 400 499 242.

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Connecting Finland and world with our high-trust ecosystem 

We help the world to connect with our community of over 350 companies and Finnish regions. Our network includes inhouse-VCs, local innovation organizations, municipalities and universities across the country

We believe in the idea of connected communities collaborating and are always looking for other like-minded organizations.

Ask more from Mikko Markkanen, +358 40 758 8712.

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