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Flexible offices in the heart of Jyväskylä on the main pedestrian street. Among more than 100 companies, you will find the city’s most interesting growth entrepreneurs and business personalities. Crazy Town Jyväskylä can accommodate teams of 1-30 people.

Choose an office or work from comfortable shared offices. The package includes the use of conference rooms, high-speed internet, coffee, and cleaning. You can also use all Crazy Town facilities around Finland. In addition to the space, you get community help and support for your company’s growth. Take advantage of the know-how of hundreds of experts, entrepreneurs, partners, and learning programs.

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Sandra Suomäki

Community Manager, Jyväskylä

Silja Rehunen

Team Lead & Community Manager
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Just one flexible membership fee! All membership options include 24/7 access to the facilities, including shared spaces, meeting rooms, and community support and growth services. VAT is added to the prices.

1 person - Flexible or fixed desk

Work in the shared common areas or get your fixed desk in a shared office. Take advantage of the entire Crazy Town network and work in different cities. Perfect for solo entrepreneurs or freelancers.

Includes all shared spaces, meeting rooms, and other facilities

Flexible contract and growth services

Additional users to the same membership €185 / mo

Fixed desk in a shared office €380 / mo

220 € / mo
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2-10 persons - Flexible office/desks

For a team of 2-10 people, with some needing an office room or a fixed desk while others come to irregularly. All team members are rarely on-site at the same time. Flexible working hours and team sizes. It is often worth choosing a study room in such a way that only some have their own workstation. However, the common spaces are always available. Price example for 8 people.

One or several office rooms

Includes all shared spaces, meeting rooms, and other facilities

Flexible contract, additional members, desks, or offices can be added as needed

230 € / mo / person
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2-10 persons - Fixed office/desks

For a team of 2-10 people, with each team member needing their own fixed office or a desk. You can choose from furnished office rooms of different sizes (ranging from 2-6 ppl). This option can be up to half the price of a traditional office. Not to mention flexibility. Price example for 8 people.

Each member has a fixed desk in your own office room(s)

Includes all shared spaces, meeting rooms, and other facilities

Flexible contract, additional members, desks, or offices can be added as needed

290 € / mo / person
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A flexible multi-site solution

Teams of 10-50 people across the country

Tailor-made solutions for teams of more than 10 people. You only pay according to the number of team members and their needs for space. More and more companies find themselves in a situation where only a small percentage of their team members come into the office on a regular basis or they are spread across the country, while still needing the basic utilities that come with an office space. We offer a flexible solution for this!

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Flexible and cost-effective office space in the heart of Jyväskylä

Room for working and meetings

Multi-functional workspace in the heart of Jyväskylä, with open work areas, several meeting rooms, phone booths, and offices of different sizes. The flexible space is suited for both small and large companies.

We are a cost-effective alternative compared to a traditional office – membership can be up to 50% cheaper and guaranteed to be more flexible. You never pay extra. In a traditional space, you may have to prepare for future growth in advance by renting too large a space unnecessarily early.

Be in the company of growth-focused companies and entrepreneurs

Meaningful encounters

Crazy Town brings people together to collaborate, grow, and create new solutions together. You belong to a nationwide community of more than 400 companies, from which you get support and ideas for your own company’s development and growth. 85% of our members cooperate. You won’t be alone. The Crazy Town team will always be there to support you!

Reinvent the business

Take advantage of learning programs and growth services

As a member, you can easily take advantage of Crazy Town’s learning programs, various matchmaking events, and growth services. Develop new products and services, find experts, or get financing. We help you to open doors both in Finland and around the world.

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