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We help individuals, companies, and communities to grow skills and expand their networks. Not just for members – most of our programs are open to anyone interested.

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Programs for individuals, companies, and communities

Learn with your peers

Crazy Town membership gives you access to hundreds of events yearly and everyday peer learning. In addition to this, we offer practical learning programs both in Finland and internationally, that delve deeper into topics such as:

  • Business growth
  • Building communities
  • Ecosystems and vitality

In our programs, learning is done practically with the help of peer tutors, networks, and the community. All work done during training always aims to develop personal, company, or organizational growth. We implement several programs in collaboration with a vocational educational institution.

Training programs - Business growth

Training programs - Building communities

Customized training programs

In addition to the open learning programs, we have implemented dozens of custom learning and training programs on topics such as:

  • Business growth, growth entrepreneurship, and startups
  • Development by experimenting
  • Multi-location work and shared facilities
  • Building communities
  • Business collaboration of universities and commercialization of research
  • Ecosystems, vitality, and effectiveness

Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can be of help. We are also constantly looking for new partners to organize learning programs with.

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