Flexible and modern office spaces.

Whether you’re looking for flexible office space, a community and coworkers, or support for your business growth, you’re welcome to join Crazy Town! Your company’s industry, size, or age doesn’t matter to us – you can always come to us. Freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, micro businesses, startups, large organizations, and remote workers all trust Crazy Town. Our office spaces are located in Jyväskylä, Tampere, Pori, Hämeenlinna, Lahti, and Hamina.

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You get access to our spaces and community with one flexible membership fee. Use it as much as you want!



Work freely in the shared office spaces around the clock, use meeting rooms, and take advantage of the entire Crazy Town network. No security deposit, only one month's notice period. You can also add other users at a reduced price.

Flexible Contract

Shared workspace and meeting rooms.

Crazy Town -spaces 24/7

Community and the support it brings.

Free coffee, cleaning, and internet connection.

220 /kk
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Membership + own office

Ready-furnished office space. You can also work in the shared office space 24/7, use meeting rooms and take advantage of the entire Crazy Town network. Two months' security deposit, three months' notice period. You can also add additional users at a reduced rate.

Flexible Contract

Shared workspace and meeting rooms.

Crazy Town -spaces 24/7

Community and the support it brings.

Free coffee, cleaning, and internet connection.

Your own equipped workspace for yourself or your team.

380 /kk
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Membership for 10-50 size team

If you have a need for a large team or permanent operations in multiple locations, we can tailor a solution for you. You only pay for what you use, based on the number of users. Membership can be adjusted according to your needs, making it easier to expand into a new city.

Flexible Contract

Shared workspace and meeting rooms.

Crazy Town -spaces 24/7

Community and the support it brings.

Free coffee, cleaning, and internet connection.

Private offices in one or several cities.

1795 /kk
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  • Thousands of square meters of equipped space available immediately - workspaces, meeting rooms, and event spaces.
  • Well-being - colleagues and professional company of companies.
  • The contract is flexible and can be adjusted up or down based on your needs.
  • You become national in an instant - All Crazy Town cities immediately at your disposal.
  • Hundreds of events and learning opportunities
  • Easy to manage - everything is included on one invoice.
  • Collaboration opportunities - subcontractors, mentors, and customers under the same roof.
  • Help with recruiting professionals
  • Easily accessible growth services.

Customer testimonials

Janne Mönkkönen, Janne Mönkkönen
For representatives of small businesses, here you can find colleagues and a work community, even outside your own company. You can network and discuss with people as much as you want and have time for. Networking is beneficial in everyday encounters.

Janne Mönkkönen

Agmen Oy
Anne H, Anne Hämäläinen
Being a part of Crazy Town has expanded my network and opened up collaboration opportunities. For my business, it's an additional location and enables me to meet with clients in Jyväskylä. The mobile membership works excellent for me as a mobile entrepreneur. I have also utilized Crazy Town in Tampere. Although I am a solo entrepreneur, I am not alone.

Anne Hämäläinen

Ville Viljanmaa, Ville Viljanmaa
We have gained good friends and new customers as well as worry-free solutions for our space needs.

Ville Viljanmaa

Flashnode Oy



Joustavat toimitilat Jyväskylän keskustasta. Jäsenenä voit hyödyntää kaikkia Crazy Townin tiloja ympäri Suomen, sekä saat pääsyn laajaan asiantuntijaverkostoomme. Voit

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Joustavat ja upeat toimitilat Porin keskustasta, josta on lyhyt kävelymatka kaikkialle. Toimitilan lisäksi meillä on upeita ihmisiä, jotka koostavat

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Tarjoamme upeat toimitilat Haminan keskustasta, jossa voit valita avotyöpisteen tai oman työhuoneen jopa 10 hengelle. Kaikissa toimitiloissamme on käytettävissä

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Upeat toimitilat rautatieaseman vieressä hyvien kulkuyhteyksien päässä. Tilan lisäksi saat samalla hinnalla ison yhteisön tukemaan yrityksesi kasvua. Järjestämme myös

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Upeat toimitilat Hämeenlinnan keskustasta. Sijaitsemme aivan kävelymatkan päässä juna-asemalta. Olemme myös osa kaupungin yrittäjyyden ja yritystoiminnan keskittymää PARKKI Business

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Joustavaa toimitilaa Lahden keskustasta Kulmalantalosta (Aleksanterinkatu 16). Tilan lisäksi saat tukea yrityksesi kasvuun ja kaiken mitä asiantuntijatyöhön tarvitaan.

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Learn together, go further

Develop yourself in a professional community.

Continuous learning, combining expertise, and collaboration skills are the prerequisites for the success of every individual, company, and region. Professional communities are places where this can be achieved.

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No one can make it alone.

My journey would have been left unfinished a long time ago without networks. A few years ago, I joined Hämeenlinna’s Crazy Town, through which I met a coder and a marketing expert. Everyone worked through their own companies.

Atte Salminen

The value of networks is understood in Jyväskylä.

I have experienced that in Jyväskylä, new people and contacts are approached positively and openly. The majority of the companies I have contacted have been open-minded and curious about collaboration, and meetings have been easy to arrange. Crazy Town is a pleasant working environment where my own office space can scale with the growth of my company.

Hanna Puura

Crazy Town enables a small startup entrepreneur to do a lot!

I have participated in several training events organized by Crazy Town, developed my own business during those events, and collaborated commercially with other participants and members of Crazy Town.

Tommi Dahlroos
Knobbi Oy

Develop your skills and professionals

Grow and renew your business

Network with partners.

Utilize the trends and opportunitiesHyödynnä trendit ja mahdollisuudet


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