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Whether you are looking for flexible office space or help to support growth, you are welcome to Crazy Town! 

It doesn’t matter what industry your company is in, what size or age it is. We are trusted by freelancers, micro-enterprises, startups, listed companies and remote workers.

We are more flexible and cheaper than a traditional office. At the same time, you are part of a large community that unites creators from different backgrounds. With us people share their goals, ideas and they learn from each other. The community also provides a support network and resources.

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You can use the services with one flexible membership fee. All options include 24/7 use of Crazy Town's shared spaces, meeting rooms and community services that help in growth. VAT is added to the prices.


1 person

Work in shared workspaces or from your own desk. Take advantage of the entire Crazy Town network. You get the support of a large company even if you are a solo entrepreneur.

Coworking and meeting rooms

Flexible contract and help for growth

Additional users 185 € / month

Private desk 380 € / month

225 € / month
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2-10 persons, private office & shared desks

All team members are rarely at the office at the same time. In these cases we recommend that you consider having a private office with less desks than you have users, since you can always use the shared coworking spaces. Price example is for 8 people.

Private office or several

Coworking and meeting rooms

Flexible contract, additional users or work rooms as needed

225 € / month per person
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2-10 persons, all with dedicated desk

We won’t stop you, Ii you want to offer all team members their own desk at a private office (or several). Even this option can be up to half the price of a traditional office. Not to mention flexibility. Price example is for 8 people.

Each employee has their own desk at your private office

Coworking and meeting rooms

Flexible contract, additional users as needed

260 € / month per person
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A flexible multi-site solution

Teams of 10-50 people all over Finland

We tailor solutions for more than 10 people according to the situation. You pay according to the number of users and the needs arising from their job description. More and more companies operate in such a way that there are only a few people in the office. The rest of the staff will come to meetings a few times a month. We have helped dozens of teams from startups to listed companies to expand to new cities.

Like to know more?
  • Thousands of square meters of equipped space - offices, meeting rooms and event spaces
  • Flexibility and savings, -50% cheaper than a traditional office, no commitment, invoice according to the amount of persons
  • Immediately national - all cities in use
  • 85% of members collaborate - subcontractors, customers and mentors under one roof
  • Grow and renew the business
  • Hundreds of events and places to network in
  • Work well-being
  • Help with recruiting talent
  • Peer support

More meaningful encounters and social capital

A place where your ideas find space to flourish

20 years ago, a group of newly graduated young entrepreneurs got the idea to share office space, know-how and support each other in business growth – that is, to achieve something that they could not do alone. This is still the core of Crazy Town’s operation.

We offer a flexible work environment and support for growth. The spaces lend themselves to working, collaboration and events. All cities are available with one membership. Members’ skills grow through hundreds of events and peer learning.

The most important thing is the connections provided by the community. Social capital, i.e. who you know, is the currency of the future. At Crazy Town, you are part of a community that includes hundreds of growth companies, financiers and innovation developers. 85% of our members cooperate. An inspiring company around you brings new energy and creative thinking.



The flagship of the Crazy Town community in the heart of Jyväskylä, along the main street.

Tutustu sijaintiin


A concentration of AI and ICT experts on the West Coast of Finland.

Tutustu sijaintiin


Great premises next to the train station with good transport links.

Tutustu sijaintiin


Part of the PARKKI Business Park, where the city’s entrepreneurship and business activities are concentrated.

Tutustu sijaintiin


Flexible office space in the heart of Lahti in Kulmalantalo.

Tutustu sijaintiin

Customer testimonials

Janne Mönkkönen, Janne Mönkkönen
For representatives of small businesses, here you can find colleagues and a work community, even outside your own company. You can network and discuss with people as much as you want and have time for. Networking is beneficial in everyday encounters.

Janne Mönkkönen

Agmen Oy
Anne H, Anne Hämäläinen
Being a part of Crazy Town has expanded my network and opened up collaboration opportunities. For my business, it's an additional location and enables me to meet with clients in Jyväskylä. The mobile membership works excellent for me as a mobile entrepreneur. I have also utilized Crazy Town in Tampere. Although I am a solo entrepreneur, I am not alone.

Anne Hämäläinen

Ville Viljanmaa, Ville Viljanmaa
We have gained good friends and new customers as well as worry-free solutions for our space needs.

Ville Viljanmaa

Flashnode Oy

Over 85% of our members collaborate

High-trust community

Crazy Town community includes over 400 companies and organisations from various backgrounds.

  • Solopreneurs who don’t have to work alone – even if they are by themselves
  • Micro-businesses that benefit from the community by gaining customers
  • Growth companies that value the flexibility of the service as well as assistance in recruiting experts
  • Serial entrepreneurs who find contacts and peer support within the community
  • Corporations and remote teams, who appreciate multi-location options.

Crazy Town also serves as a partner to numerous venture capitalists, business angels, universities, and regional developers. Our strength lies in connecting people who wouldn’t have otherwise found each other – 85% of our members collaborate.

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