Turn your idea into a startup in 100 days with help of a community

Are you interested in launching your own startup in Oulu, but not sure how to get started? Startup Express is a pre-incubator program that provides skills, confidence and contacts to empower you on your journey.


Our mission is to help idea-stage startup teams to realize their dreams in Oulu in 100 days and build a kickass community to support them.

Never walk alone. You get a community of curious individuals, coaches and mentors to help you along the way.


Application is always ongoing → click here to apply!

You are free to join the Startup Express community whenever you want.

However, to boost your process from idea to business, we organize two 14-week program cohorts 10/2023 — 1/2024 and 2 — 4/2024, where we offer step-by-step support for you. This is when the magic happens. Therefore, we recommend signing up latest by September 29th, so that you can have maximum benefit from all the workshop sessions and support.


At Startup Station in the city center of Oulu, Hallituskatu 36 A, Oulu (1st floor).


  • Startup team with an idea (pre-y-tunnus) seeking confidence, skills, and mentoring: If you have a startup idea and need support to build your confidence, skills, and access mentoring, we’re here to help. Program suits both first-time founders and experienced entrepreneurs. We are more interested in commitment, ambition and willingness to learn, rather than the maturity of the business idea or model.
  • Also curious individuals can apply to join our teams without their own idea. If you want to be part of a startup team and have a can-do attitude, we can connect you with teams actively looking for enthusiastic individuals like you.


Program is free-of-charge, offering you:

  • 14-week pre-incubator program with workshops and 1‑on‑1 sparring sessions to take you from idea-stage to first customers and establishing business
  • Access to Startup Station coworking space and facilities for working, meetings and Fablab
  • Coaches, mentors and experts support you along the way
  • Community: Peer-support and learning with other participants and experts
  • Connect with other events and services offered by Oulu startup ecosystem
  • Community manager to support your learning and development


September 29th: Application to Startup Express is ongoing and you can apply at any time, but we recommend signing up latest by this date in the autumn (It’s possible to join halfway the program as well)

Below you can find the Startup Express autumn 2023 workshops. All events @ Startup Station. Teams are not expected to participate in all the workshops, but we recommend taking part into as many as possible to boost your progress.

  • 5.10.2023: Kickoff (only for teams)Pre-incubator kickoff. Teams embark on their entrepreneurial journey.
  • 17.10.2023: Build the team and meet your co-founder. Teams connect with new team members, mentors and advisors.
  • 24.10.2023: How to make an impact? Understanding market opportunities, trends and needs.
  • 3.11.2023: How to validate your business model? Getting started with customer validation
  • 7.11.2023: How to get the first 100 clients and build your MVP? Experimentation with real-life customers.
  • 23.11.2023: How to pitch and tell your story? Teams learn about pitching and get help with building their pitch deck
  • 28.11.2023: How to do due diligence and IPR? Teams learn about what investors are looking for in a startup team.
  • 4.12.2023: How to get funded? Understanding how to use and connect with different growth funding instruments.
  • 12.1.2024: Demo Days — How to talk to investors? Teams pitch themselves to real investors.


We are entrepreneurs and experts, who have walked the path before. Whenever you have questions, please feel free to be in touch with us. Click here to apply >>

Jan Schmidt, Community Manager
+358 46 661 3752

Mikko Korpela, Coach
+358 400 499 242

Toni Pienonen, Coach
+358 400 737 238