The Finnish company Crazy Town (CT) and the Norwegian Sør-Varanger Utvikling (SVU) are partnering to offer their business communities workspaces and business acceleration programs both in Finland and Norway. CT has several collaborative spaces around Finland and SVU is a development organization with a purpose to develop the economical activity in the Sør-Varanger region around Kirkenes in Norway. The parties’ intention is to offer each other’s communities the workspace and business programs to boost cross border business.

Remote working has changed significantly especially during the pandemic. We see great opportunity for our local companies to connect with Finnish businesses via Crazy Town network and business community. SVU will also be able to promote Kirkenes as a great place to work from towards the Finnish businesses”, says Marie Sommernes, project manager in SVU.

PHOTOS: ICE Kirkenes event in 2019 where Crazy Town sent five members to participate.

Parties also offer remote working packages for teams and companies

With the collaboration, Finnish companies can for example go to Kirkenes to work for a week or a month and at the same time enjoy the magnificent landscapes and nature of the High North. Where you work from does not really matter so why not be inspired with the work environment. This is a global trend that CT and SVU believe will bring the region closer together and create economic activity.

“This is a wonderful example how Crazy Town can offer more opportunities to its’ community members. Expanding business networks and creating new possibilities. Kirkenes is such a lovely place to work from and of course we welcome the Norwegian companies to our spaces around Finland.”, says Mikko Markkanen the CEO of Crazy Town.

Reservations can be done using the digital reservation tool DeskMe that is part of the Crazy Town’s digital coworking tools palette.


Crazy Town is a community for work and learning. Crazy Town helps talent, companies and regions to connect, collaborate and grow together. With more than 300 member companies across various hubs in Finland, it’s among the largest independent innovation hubs in the country. Crazy Town believes in the idea of connected communities collaborating together and is looking for new partner locations and hubs to join its growing network.

Sor-Varanger Utvikling is the municipality’s development company. Their main goal is to develop more jobs in Sor-Varanger municipality, and also to contribute in making the local industries more sustainable. One of SVUs main work areas is entrepreneurship, where the goal is to increase the local entrepreneurs’ chance to succeed by raising their knowledge and business understanding. Also, to attract more start-ups to the region. All of SVUs entrepreneurship projects are using the ICE Kirkenes-brand. ICE Kirkenes is a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, owned by SVU. Marie J. Sommernes is the project manager of ICE Kirkenes and the entrepreneurship area in SVU.

Additional detail and queries:

Mikko Markkanen, CEO
Crazy Town Oy
+358 40 758 8712

Kenneth Stålsett, CEO
Sør-Varanger Utvikling (SVU)
+47 958 22 236

Marie Jakola Sommernes, Project Manager
Sør-Varanger Utvikling (SVU)
+47 994 93 441