A good night’s sleep is one of the most important elements of personal health. Sadly, the global society is sleep-deprived with some serious implications for wellbeing. I have a dream is a seminar + 48 h innovation event that helps your solutions to bring better sleep, faster recovery or more balanced daily life for everyone.

Get more done over the course of one weekend that in one one month:

  • Co-create your solution with Finland’s leading neurosciences R&D ecosystem
  • Mentoring and partnerships to create new business opportunities with real societal impact
  • Top-performing teams are awarded with prizes to go further: access to research cooperation, connections to funding opportunities and business angels

Event is broadcasted from Kuopio, Finland with love. You can wear your pyjamas (or not, if preferred) and sip your favourite beverage while getting inspired.

We start Friday with an online seminar (in Finnish) that delivers inspiration and ideas. This is followed by Neurochallenge innovation event. You can join both events, or just one.

Every great solution starts with a DREAMER! Welcome on board at www.neurochallenge.fi


Seminar: Friday 30.10.2020, 09.00 – 15.00 (held in Finnish).

Neurochallenge: Friday 30.10. 15:30 – Sunday 1.11. 15:00.

All times in Finnish time zone


Online Slack & Zoom  – participants get info on how to join


Event is open for startups, established companies or teams of innovators (students, researchers, etc), who have a solution / idea that addresses challenges related to sleep, dream, recovery or balanced daily life.


Form a team (2 people is already a team), book the weekend of 30.10-1.11.2020 in your calendar.

  • Seminar: Friday 30.10.2020, 09.00 – 15.00 (held in Finnish)
  • Neurochallenge Friday 30.10. 15:30 – Sunday 1.11. 15:00

All times in Finnish time zone.