WHEN: January 31, 10:00 – 12:00
WHERE: Crazy Town Tampere, Rautatienkatu 21 B (5th floor), Tampere
  • Lecture: 45 min
  • Q&A: 15 min
  • Roundtable discussion: Up to 10 persons (each person should be the CEO or main person in the organization) 60 min

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Troy Woodson, CEO of CBW Global, a Helsinki-based company, helps startups in Finland execute sales strategies in highly competitive markets like the United States.

Troy believes in action rather than big talk and gets to the point of what needs to get done and finds a way to do it. Though Troy is an American, he has lived in Finland for the past 7 years, has a son growing up here, and is dedicated to helping Finnish companies win when it comes to sales.

He will discuss the importance of changing the sales mindset in Finland in order to execute sales strategies in the US. He will also discuss how he is helping Finnish startups pitch better to investors, improve their sales skills, and identify markets in the United States open to Finnish innovation.