Investment company #digirockstars in partnership with Crazy Town Tampere and Kimmo Rouhiainen Consulting launches weekly lean startup workshops in Tampere from August 29 onwards.

Startup founders can participate free-of-charge to any lean startup workshops and face-to-face meetings, which give them tools to think big, how to validate idea with small money and find early adopters.

Workshops are open for anyone interested.

In addition to possibility of getting deal from #digirockstars, the investment team scouts three most potential pre-stage startups from Tampere which receive:

  • #digirockstars investment board silver bullet (direct access to investment board)
  • Dedicated mentor from the #digirockstars
  • Slush tickets

Workshops are hosted by Oki TågSteven Balliano and Kimmo Rouhiainen.



Lean startup workshops are held every Tuesday morning from August 29 onwards at Perhonen conference room in Crazy Town Tampere, Rautatienkatu 21 B. Each workshop follows the same format:

9:00-9:15 Coffee and chat
9:15-10:00 Lean theory
10:00-12:00 Where to find early adopters from and how to recognise them?
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-14:00 Get out of the building (do interviews!)





Investment company (VC) #digirockstars focuses on pre- and early-stage startups. We operate cross-border and use lean startup methods to identify, source, prepare and help the most passionate and talented founders and disruptive ideas to rule the world.



Each workshop is held at Perhonen conference room, Crazy Town Tampere, Rautatienkatu 21 B, Tampere.

Samuli Argillander

Kimmo Rouhiainen
Crazy Town Tampere
+358 400 788674


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