Crazy Cafe – The Do’s and Don’ts of Making a Sale

Sales are important in every field of business and it’s not always easy to get them! On Friday we will talk about sales from U.S. experience point of view.

Alexis Schaffner is the ”jenkkivahvistus” of Crazy Town Pori – she recently moved to Pori and is looking for new opportunities – maybe she’ll find them via Crazy Town! Alexis has a background in sales and technology.
For Friday’s Morning Coffee Alexis will be talking about the Do’s and Don’ts of making a sale. These apply whether you’re working for a major company or as an entrepreneur. Come learn how to connect with companies in a way that empowers them.

The event is free and open for all.
Please register with the ”ilmoittautuminen” link below. 

AIKA: pe 16.8.2019, klo 9-10

PAIKKA: Crazy Town Pori, Rautatienpuistokatu 7

LISÄTIETOA: Kati Fager,, 040 5769 010