Your story, our story

When? August 30th 2023, 14.30 – 16.00

Where? Open Creative House, Keilasatama 2, Espoo

This open meetup shares tips on how to make use of storytelling in formulating your own narrative.

A compelling story has the power to influence, persuade and make us stand out. Through storytelling, we convey our mission to the world. Stories promote understanding and connection, bringing us closer together in our endeavors.

Meetup is for innovation players and teams, who want to improve their pitch with storytelling, get feedback and connect with others. We will be hosted at Open Creative House (OCH), a new hub for creative industries, technology and music in Keilaniemi.

Meetup agenda:

  • Welcome and introduction to Open Creative House
  • Why do stories matter and how do we create impact through stories?
  • Workshop: How to design a story that matters
  • Storytelling campfire: Let’s gather together and tell our stories to each other

For networking afterwards there is a follow-up event at VNTRS Finland launch event taking place from 16.00 onwards at Open Creative House. VNTRS is a new venture studio that has arrived Espoo. Launch event introduces VNTRS to the Finnish innovation ecosystem to create ties and collaborations for growth.

This event is organized by Crazy Town Oy on behalf of City of Espoo / The Dynamic Espoo development programme.

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