Pia Pesonen, Pauliina Manso and Petra Pulkkinen on the picture.

Two entrepreneur-driven coworking communities Smart Work Plaza and Crazy Town open doors for international roaming. 

Smart Work Plaza was founded by Finnish entrepreneurs Outi Hannuksela and Pauliina Manso to serve the business community and expats in Fuengirola, Spain. Smart Work Plaza brings entrepreneurs and remote workers from all over the world. Crazy Town is a community of 200 companies and teams that cooperate, learn and grow their business together. Crazy Town coworking spaces are at Jyväskylä, Tampere, Hämeenlinna and Pori in Finland.

Through this partnership, members in one community can use the services across borders. For example, Crazy Town members can use Smart Work Plaza as an entry base for Spanish market or as temporary work location for work holidays. Smart Work Plaza members on the other hand can expect the same from Crazy Town side. Detailed information and guide how to access Crazy Town spaces you can get from the local community managers.

More information how to access Smart Work Plaza you can find at https://www.smartworkplaza.com

At these communities you do not need to work alone!

Ask more information:
Petra Pulkkinen // petra.pulkkinen@crazytown.fi
Pauliina Manso // pauliina@swplaza.es