Crazy Town is a community of hundreds of professionals that cooperate, learn new and grow their business together.

During the last decade, we’ve witnessed that.

  • Future of work is done by professionals cooperating via teams and ad hoc projects across organizational boundaries, as New York Times wrote back in 2015,
  • Solopreneurs, freelancers, microsized companies and startups create the jobs of the future – individual professionals are the fastest growing group in European labor force
  • New skills are in demand: Collaboration, learning how to learn, learning-by-doing and life-long-learning, peer-to-peer and entrepreneurial mindset

Crazy Town has built a shared culture and physical communities that have supported this. 85% of our members do business together, a figure we’re proud of! However, our growth and the coronavirus have forced us to digitalize the community at a faster pace than we thought.

Crazy Town needed a digital platform that would be the place for our members

  • to offer and look for new skills
  • learn together, offer support and mentoring
  • create new joint-teams and offerings to solve customer problems

We choose Skillhive (Intunex Oy) as our partner to develop this platform. We share a similar vision for a world where work takes place in cross-organizational teams and projects where individual professionals are in the center, not companies or organizations.

We’ve now started trialing and building the platform step by step  with the first group of test users. Our aim is to build also fully digital high-trust community, whose members share the passion for co-creation and helping each other. With the help of the platform we also hope to offer our members’ expertise for customers outside and connect other communities as part of the extended Crazy town family.

Invited test users can find Crazy Town’s digital community platform from: