From March 23 onwards Crazy Town will organize digital content for each day of the week.
For the past week we have been experimenting different digital and online tools and have now created a routine.

Among other things we will open up a digital community platform to help connect needs, skills and ideas.

Weekly timetable
  • MONDAY: Newsletter that arrivces in members’ inbox tells about topical news. In the afternoon, community managers are available for sparring, ideas and support.
  • TUESDAY: Exercise tips!
  • WEDNESDAY: Thematic ”Fireside Chat” discussions for entrepreneurs and people with leadership position – peer-support, sparring and ideation. We kick off on March 25 with Crazy Town member Peter Vesterbacka talking with Mikko Markkanen on how to react, when a shock wave hits company?
  • THURSDAY: More exercise tips to keep us fit!
  • FRIDAY: Traditional Crazy Town morning coffee sessions as webinars. Each webinar will also be recorded. Following that, we offer solopreneurs an online-cafe for discussions and mentoring. We wrap up the week with virtual jallu shots.
In addition to this, we have plenty of ad hoc activities and community platform will be open 24/7..