Tim Vaino (VNTRS) and Toni Pienonen (Crazy Town) in front ofVNTRS & Ülemiste City Startup Hub in Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia and Finland have a world-class startup ecosystem that produces more unicorns and raises significant investments per capita than any other part of the world. What if this pool of talent, resources and communities from both countries could be made easily available for everyone interested? VNTRS and Crazy Town have set out to build gravity and connectivity with a new partnership.

VNTRS is a professional startup studio and VC fund based in Stockholm and Tallinn. VNTRS focuses on product, development & business development being an early-stage investor and co-founder. This autumn, VNTRS Estonia opens a new VNTRS & Ülemiste City Startup Hub in Tallinn.

Crazy Town is the biggest and oldest Finland-based community of work and learning with 5 hubs and over 400 companies. The strongest of its kind in the country, where 85% of members collaborate, grow and learn together.

VNTRS – Crazy Town cooperation offers three opportunities across Finland and Estonia in particular:

1) Startups get access to international funding, talent and help with scaling to global markets
2) Finnish investors get unique funding access to coinvest to VNTRS dealflow
3) Estonia and Finland are connected via VNTRS / Crazy Town hubs – scale your business across FinEst Bay Area

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1) Startups get access to international funding, talent and help with scaling to global markets: VNTRS works alongside with startups, sharing the risks and upside. VNTRS prescreens more than 50 startups on a monthly basis coming from Sweden, Finland, and the Baltics.

  • VNTRS sweat equity and pre-seed / seed funding for tech startups
  • VNTRS services for any startup looking for additional boost in digital, business or service development

“Diving deeper to the Finnish startup scene, was positively surprising as we saw a lot of maturity, skill, experience and willingness to grow. The governmental instruments, such as Business Finland are instrumental for the startups to succeed on the earliest stages. VNTRS is here to make life of the founders easier on later stages. We are looking for startups, who are in need of a one-stop solution to fix their immediate needs, while founders can focus on what is important for them. We have done 27 successful investments in Sweden, and Estonia, and are now looking to add Finnish teams to our portfolio. We make good ideas successful.” – Tim Vaino, Dealflow Manager of VNTRS Estonia

» Interested startups: Contact Tim Vaino from VNTRS

2) Finnish investors get unique funding access to coinvest to VNTRS dealflow: VNTRS invites Finnish business angels and VCs in a closed syndicate of private investors (up to 30 people) to co-invest together in startups.

“I met with the VNTRS team a year ago and felt they had a good model and drive with their business. Cross border collaboration is so important for investors and startups. Matching VNTRS with Crazy Town was a natural fit. The Crazy Town community will benefit greatly from VNTRS presence and vice versa the VNTRS companies from the Crazy Town footprint and connected communities.” – business angel Kustaa Valtonen.

“We will see more and more of this kind of partnerships forming across the FinEst Bay Area, as the region is leaping towards an even more dynamic innovation powerhouse role in Europe and globally. Keys to success are talent and skill density, access to funds and excellent physical and digital connectivity.” – “the boring visionary” Peter Vesterbacka.

» Interested investors: Contact Akim Arhipov from VNTRS

3) Estonia and Finland are connected via VNTRS / Crazy Town hubs: A new VNTRS & Ülemiste City Startup Hub opens in Tallinn in October 2021, powered by Crazy Town. It will be linked with the existing Crazy Town network in Finland.

  • Finnish teams can scale business to Estonia. Members and partners of Crazy Town can use the VNTRS & Ülemiste City Startup Hub as a homebase for their expansion to Tallinn, meetings with local partners and ecosystems, or as a way to access local talent.
  • Estonian startups via VNTRS have the same opportunity for Finland – five locations, over 400 member companies and direct access to our high-trust network of partners, local innovation organizations, municipalities and universities across the country.
  • For our global friends: Land your business immediately in world-class startup environment where there’s more startup unicorns than anywhere else in the world

“We believe in connected communities collaborating together! Being able to help with intros to relevant people and organizations makes it easier for everyone to launch their activities anywhere in our region.” – Toni Pienonen, partner at Crazy Town.

» For those with need to scale activities in Estonia, just contact Tim

» For those interested in accessing Finland, get in touch with Toni

Tim Vaino
+372 5689 3204

Toni Pienonen
+358 400 737 238