On May 31 – June 1 a special event happened in Kirkenes, Norway, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

Crazy Town and We+ Kaapeli sent five daring adventurers from our member companies to participate ICE Kirkenes, a 24-hour innovation event.

We equipped Anne Talvitie, Aviv Ben-Yehuda, Mikael Markkula, Sami Dadu and Viljami Peltola with survival packages (with Jallu, in Crazy Town spirit) and wished them good luck.

Mikael Markkula, a Crazy Town Jyväskylä member from Growth Hacking Partners, wrote about his experience:

”The ideas I got on facilitating innovation and design thinking processes goes straight into practice at my work. But perhaps the biggest impact comes from personal growth and chances in mindset. The 24-hour design sprint that we did at ICE Kirkenes, excellent facilitators and amazingly cordial participants opened my eyes on how we are afraid of failures, while in fact you should just believe in oneself and LET GO!”

Mikael wants to arrange something similar at Crazy Town Jyväskylä. He also invited Frederico Lozano, one of the Design Thinking gurus from the event to participate. Let’s make it happen! 💪

Aviv from Big Ear Games, a We+ Kaapeli member, had a chance to talk to Norwegian schools about his passion helping everyone to make music. The visit was featured in the local media!

Mikael and Sami will be telling about their experiences at one our morning coffee session in Jyväskylä.

… And also it should be mentioned as well that Sami and Anne were in the winning team! 😀

Thanks to Peter, Kustaa and ICE Kirkenes team for the opportunity! Photos and videos by our Crazy Town / We+ community delegation and Kenneth Stålsett!