Challenges in Game Industry – and what’s AI got to do with it?

Tech Industry is suffering from labor shortage and there’s huge amount of people retiring in future years. In game industry the situation is not that bad since the whole industry is younger. But in Game Development too, the lack of labor, especially Seniors, has been everyday life for a while now.

At the same time, Junior Developers face lot of difficulties when trying to step in to the industry. The education in the field is still young and there’s not enough training possibilities and recruitment systems for students and newly graduates.

AI is also big question mark for Game Industry. It’s already used and the usage is growing strong. What does it mean for the industry and it’s labor market? More interesting jobs, as AI does the dull tasks? Or no junior jobs at all as AI does all assistant level tasks?

Challenges in Game Industry event introduces hard facts on Game Industry Skills Need by leading Finnish AI-enabler company Headai and it’s founder Harri Ketamo. After that we deepen the topic with panel discussion with Harri, Antti Martikainen and Natasha Skult.

Harri Ketamo (Ph.D.) is an entrepreneur with 20 years experience in learning sciences and artificial intelligence as a science and as a business.

Antti Martikainen is a technology oriented entrepreneur in Human Resources business. The CEO of Virtual Dawn has on objective to democratize learning globally and make lifelong learning real by virtual reality.

Natasha Skult is  a doctoral candidate, university teacher and professional artist working in game industry. In IGDA she is involved in local, national and international level. Nowdays her interest is focused especially to IGDA Future: promoting game industry as a career opportunity to young people.

Panel is moderated by local IGDA and Pori ES activists Jani Gröhn and Violeta Ivanova. Jani is Game Development teacher in Sataedu and founder of College Jam concept. Violeta is physiotherapist with interest in well-being technologies and games. She currently works with Digikulta Project at City of Pori.

The event is open for everyone and free of charge.

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17:00 coffees & beers & snacks

17:30 Analysis on Game Industry Skills Need, Harri Ketamo

18:00 break

18:15 Challenges and Possibilities in Game Industry, Panel Discussion

Harri Ketamo, Headai
Antti Martikainen, Virtual Dawn
Natasha Skult, IGDA, MiTale

Panel moderated by
Jani Gröhn, IGDA Pori
Violeta Ivanova, Pori ES

Q & A

19:15 End of official program – networking!

Event Co-operated by
Crazy Town
Pori ES

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