Urban Partnership Accelerator

A matchmaking program to connect Albanian innovation organizations, industry players and startups, who are committed to solving urban challenges.

Program runs between April - December 2021.

ISOs - join for online info on March 4 at 14:00-16:00

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Urbanization is a global megatrend. 80% of global population is expected live in cities by year 2050. This presents wicked societal challenges, but also business opportunities for those that can offer solutions.

Urban Partnership Accelerator connects different players in Albania around a common theme - creating better urban life

Innovation support organizations


The program selects 5-8 universities, innovation hubs and other ecosystem players as partners.

This program will help them to support startup creation, forge new partnerships with industry and smart city initiatives across Europe, get access to funding and training opportunities, as well as build sustainable financial model for future activities.

Their role in the program is to provide knowledge or connect their startups and industry together and build the community.

We are hosting an online workshop for interested ISOs on March 4, 2021, 14:00 - 16:00. Join by contacting Katerina.

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The program will help 5-8 industry players (SMEs, corporations, industry associations, cities) to supercharge their innovation with access to ideas, talent and solutions from startups.

Industry players give real-life challenges related to the topic of urban life for startups and ISOs to solve. They get to pilot new solutions and technology.

Cooperating with startups helps you to grow and renew. Working with a fresh set of view, uncompromised by the way things have always been done, will give your new ideas.



Startups are the problem solvers and innovators of the program. Program has two tracks for both i) idea-stage / student teams & ii) established startups.

Startup teams get to work with Albanian and international industry partners to pilot their solution in practice.

They get access to world-class mentors, funding opportunities, resources and networks. Established startups get to scale their solution globally.

Timeline of activities

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Benefits ...

... for innovation support organizations


  • Create industry partnerships
  • Build sustainable financial model
  • Become stronger ecosystem player and provide knowledge
  • Help your startups / students to succeed


  • Build skills for your startups or students
  • Create new capacity - access to additional learning and training opportunities
  • Link with world’s leading universities and innovation
  • Improve your curriculum with challenge-based education


  • Joint-project opportunities
  • Build global connections with other ISOs

... for industry


  • Pilot new solutions from startups
  • Explore new opportunities and trends
  • Build solutions effectively with the help of the program


  • Access and recruit new talents
  • Learn about open innovation and startup collaboration


  • Co-operate with innovation support organisations in Albania and worldwide, access new markets

... for startups


  • Acquire new pilot customers
  • Enter international markets


  • Access mentoring opportunities
  • Peer-learning with others
  • Skills development
  • Supportive community


  • Participate in targeted investor meetings and funding workshops
  • Opportunity to get direct pilot funding

What do we mean by "better urban life"?

Here are examples of topics to which Europe is investing billions of euros to help cities to become smarter, more sustainable and healthier:

- Sustainability and circular economy
- Health and wellbeing
- Mobility, traffic and logistics
- Education and skills
- Inclusive society
- Safety
- Removing poverty

Exact real-life challenges will be defined together with the industry partners.


Urban Partnership Accelerator is organized as part of EU for Innovation program.