SME Cluster Growth Training and Mobility Programme

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With the support of all consortium partners, Crazy Town has been working on the framework of the Training and Mobility Programme since late autumn 2021. Although the programme design is in progress and will be ready in a couple months, we can now offer you a sneak peak to what’s cooking.

The main goal of the Training and Mobility Programme is to support engineering SMEs in innovation and growth by 

> equipping them with skills and knowledge they need for growth

> assisting them developing a growth strategy to implement in their organisations

> providing them tools and a network platform to expand reach

The programme combines different forms of learning – traditional (top down learning), peer-learning and applied learning (learning by doing). It includes various learning formats such as masterclasses, bootcamps, training sessions, mentoring and digital platform interaction, all designed to fit engineering SMEs’ needs and time resources. 

The training scheme has been developed drawing from the findings of the previous extensive investigation that revealed – among others – what future skills are crucial for engineering companies to obtain in order to initiate and accelerate innovation and growth. It might not come as a surprise that soft skills such as strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, communication, collaboration or creativity came up highlighted.   

All the skills and themes were carefully analyzed and starting in autumn 2022 the programme will offer engineering SMEs training modules in sustainable growth, collaboration with ecosystems and clusters, going international, engaging with universities, financing growth and understanding the value of knowledge and talent over a period of six months.

The programme has several unique features. With leading universities from five different European countries being involved, the programme provides engineering SMEs a rather comprehensive insight into engaging and collaborating with universities and ecosystems to foster growth. Moreover, networking and collaboration with other businesses go beyond the country borders. Participating SMEs are encouraged to take part in the virtual mobility and get to know their counterparts from Spain, Italy, Ireland, France and Turkey.

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