Work together, not harder.

Our memberships connect talent, businesses and ecosystems. Get access to all the services with one monthly membership. We welcome solopreneurs, remote workers, startups and corporate teams.

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Our community connects you with customers, partners and services - 85% of our members collaborate together


Use all the spaces and community as much as you want with one fixed monthly fee 24/7. Our flexible memberships work for individuals or teams with more than 30 people.


Crazy Town työpiste

For one person

200 EUR / month

Fixed desk

Crazy Town työskentelypiste private desk

Starting at

380 EUR / month

Private room

Crazy Town työskentelypiste private desk

Onwards from

660 EUR / month

All of this is included in the memberships

8000 m2

24/7 collaborative workspaces in five locations


+50 meeting rooms

Meeting rooms, event and training spaces

+400 businesses ♡ 85%

Diverse high-trust community, where over 85% cooperate together. Also a digital platform.

Faster learning

+200 events and peer-learning opportunities with over thousand experts.



Coffee, tea, wifi, cleaning - everything what a knowledge workers needs. Crazy Town community drinks +60 000 cups of coffee annually.



Our team of community managers helps you to make use of the opportunities.

Additional services

Extra users

Add as much users as you want to your membership.

Private rooms

Add private office rooms to your memberships. 

Business development

Access to unique training & accelerator programs and funding.

Innovation activities

Hackathons, startup-industry collaboration and workshops.


Unique insurance service in collaboration with Fennia.

Crazy Town Tapahtumatila ikoni
Event services

We produce and facilitate your face-to-face, hybrid and online events.

How to use the workspace?

Open working environment

Crazy Town Jyväskylä Learning Cafe tapaaminen

Independent working


Working with your team

Crazy Town toimistohuone

Meetings and webinars




Events and training activities

Toimistotila tapahtumatila alatori Crazy Town Jyväskylä

Membership connects you with talent and ecosystems

Our locations


Our flagship workspace in Central Finland is located by the main shopping street. Over 100 member companies with heavy focus on digital business, ecommerce, blockchain and digital marketing.

Community manager: Silja Rehunen, 040 501 3204

Crazy Town Tampere Neuvottelutila Posteljooni

Workspace next to the railway station with 90 member companies - business developers, marketing, service design, ICT and digital solutions.

Community manager: Timo Lahti, 0400 788 674


Workspace in the city center. Crazy Town Hämeenlinna is part of a local business hub called ”PARKKI” that brings all the business service providers in the city under the same roof.

Community manager: Jenna Kankaanpää, 044 996 4728

Toimitila Crazy Town Pori

Workspace next to the railway / bus station and near city center. Community members include several leading AI companies in the region.

Community manager: Kati Fager, 040 576 9010


Hub for remote workers and those who need a location from downtown Helsinki for partner and customer meetings.

Get in touch: Jenna Kankaanpää, 044 996 4728


Finest Love tarra

Interested in partnering with us? We are looking for new partner locations from across Finland and Baltic Sea?

Get in touch: Mikko Markkanen, 040 758 8712

Get in touch

For memberships: Book a meeting for a tour or ask for more information from our community managers

Jyväskylä: Silja Rehunen, +358 40 501 3204

Tampere: Timo Lahti, +358 400 788 674

Hämeenlinna & Helsinki: Jenna Kankaanpää, +358 44 996 4728

Pori: Kati Fager, +358 40 576 9010

For partnerships: Please get in touch with Mikko Markkanen, +358 40 758 8712