Community Manager Academy

Learn how to build and facilitate entrepreneurial communities.

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Is one of these causing you sleepless nights?

  • We fail at engaging our members, stakeholders or business partners

  • We are trying to build an entrepreneurial culture, but the system is fighting against us

  • Our workspace or coworking hub is without events, content and activity

We have a proven solution for you - Community Manager Academy based on our 20-year experience

  • Build an attractive and sustainable community - coworking hub, collaborative workspace or university-business-collaboration platform

  • Increase entrepreneurial buzz within the community so that your members feel empowered to share knowledge and build new activities together

  • Get new tools for facilitating bottom-up community-building

What? Hands-on training program

For whom? Community-builders, coworking space operators and hub, builders of university-business-cooperation ecosystems who want to increase entrepreneurial activity

How? Online and offline training events + consultancy + access to materials and peer-support

Cost? From 10 000 € + VAT onwards

Learning and collaboration in communities rarely happen by accident - you need community managers to nurture it

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How does our Community Manager Academy work?

Community Manager Academy is a 3-month tailored program that includes online and offline touch points

First we help you to identify a core team of community managers and experts, who are responsible for community / ecosystem development. They will participate the program.

We kickoff with an online orientation workshops and survey to determine the starting point of your community

The main element of the program is onsite training at your location for community manager team and other stakeholders on topics such as

  • Basics of your community
  • You as a community manager
  • Building blocks of your community
  • Sustainable community
  • Boosting the ecosystem and university-business-cooperation

After program is over, you will receive ongoing online support with access to materials and peer-support from other community managers

We will connect your community with ours and other networks

Crazy Town has trained 100+ community managers across Finland and built Finland's strongest coworking community

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