7.-8.5.2018 – Fake Intelligence Summit 2019 (Pori)

Crazy Town Pori community member Headai is co-organizing an event with SAMK University of Applied Sciences that aims to prevent the AI bubble from bursting. AI gurus, researchers and businesses interested in increasing critical understanding of AI are invited to participate.

See more at Fake Intelligence Summit 2019 event website.

Fake Intelligence – what?

We know the concepts of fake news, data biases and people living in a bubble. Fake intelligence covers pretty much the same topics but in context of AI: We have to have critical discussions what AI stories are fake, how data affects to AI, and eventually make sure we don’t live in an AI bubble.

And it is more. Game AI has always been there to entertain players. In most cases it is a real art of stupidity: Perfect opponent is boring, but human like can be entertaining. Science fiction is fiction. We have to understand it as a form of art, and be able to connect the message of fiction into reality. “Ignorance is strength”, right?

Finally, what’s the difference between emulating, mimicking and faking, and does it really matter?